by Ray Wyatt

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Victory 03:42
"Victory" Verse 1: In the center of Meridian Street a lady watches over town. She wears freedom for a crown. Verse 2: In the center of Market Street a lady watches with a frown. If they come she'll come down. Chorus: Your sister to the east stands tall for liberty. Your sign of victory reminds us we are free. The shackles of slavery are already buried. Verse 3: In the center stands a lady with a sword to remind the other states in the Confederate nation. Verse 4: In the center stands a lady with a torch to remind us of our place in civilization (Chorus)
Avenoo Blues 03:06
"Avenoo Blues" Verse 1: Ruby's 440, The Place to Play, The Cotton Club, and the Sunset Café. and Madame C.J.'s It don't matter the night, we heard the greats of the day. Verse 2: When I look at this place there's not much left of her old familiar face. She even changed her race. Oh to relive those days, I'd give an arm and a leg. Verse 3: When I close my eyes, I still feel the glow of the neon signs lighting up the row. Why she got to go? It's the best place in town that no one else will ever know. Verse 4: We danced ragtime. We sang the Blues. We felt the Jazz at our favorite saloons. We knew every tune, But those days are gone that's why I got the Avenoo Blues.
500 04:05
"500" Verse 1: Gentlemen start your engines, and may the best driver win. This day will go down in history, so give the people what they paid to see. Chorus: The Greatest Spectacle in Racing will soon mark it's hundredth running. Who will be first down the last straightaway? You better be here in the month of May. Verse 2: There's not much room for a mistake; check the gas and test the brakes. Every lap has somethin' to learn, so keep your focus round every turn. Chorus Verse 3: 200 laps in Twenty-sixteen. Just a man and his speed machine. Over 300,000 fill the crowd. You best believe it will get loud. Chorus x2
Dwell 03:34
"Dwell" Verse 1: The dead watch over the living Our fate they softly impress. Mortality unforgiving; He will host everyone as his guest. Verse 2: From names like James Whitcomb Riley to the ones nobody knows. Whether viewed low or highly, Crown Hill provides a place for repose. Verse 3: Whatever creed, color, country you belong to here on earth. In death united, we will be. Why don't we treat life with equal worth?
"Ol' Mista Riley" Verse 1: Ol' Mista Riley wuz born an' raised In this 'ere state where he's highly praised. Ol' Mista Riley loved t' write and read. He wrote the Hoosier dialect poetry. He could make you laugh. He could make you cry. He could make you feel cold in the heart of July. 'Cause he wrote fer the people an' his fellow man, Which he never saw himself any greater than. Verse 2: Ol' Mista Riley when he wuz young, Had many odd jobs t' which he never clung. Ol' Mista Riley wuz hired on T' edit the paper down in Anderson. He made his way t' the state Capitol. He worked fer the Indianapolis Journal. His name began t' spread as he went on tour Where he would recite fer the rich an' the poor. Verse 3: Ol' Mista Riley wuz never wed. He never had a child he could tuck in bed. Ol' Mista Riley, he loved the kids. He cared fer 'em as ef they were his. Now there is a hospital in his name Where his love fer the children 's felt all the same. He's known fer his stories and poetry, But I think he'd want this t' be his legacy. Verse 4: Ol' Mista Riley would travel 'round, But he had a home when he came t' town. Ol' Mista Riley lived on Lockerbie Fer twenty-three years with two families. He even wrote a poem called "Lockerbie Street" Where he's more than content; he seems complete. Ef you want t' learn more than go an' see The house that hosted James Whitcomb Riley.
Crossroads 04:01
"Crossroads" Verse 1: We need to head out west on the river to see how far it will go. Can we make it all the way to Indiana? If we don't leave now, we might never know. How far it goes; how far it goes; we might never know. How far it flows; how far it flows if we don't go. Verse 2: We should head west on the National Road. Take the wagon; leave the boat. Be prepared to ride for 500 miles. In the morning, we head toward Terra Haute. How far to go? How far to go? We might never know. This is our home. This our home out on the road. Verse 3: We should take the train from Union Station to see how fast it will go. Without the fear of losing everything we worked for, we can ride to Pittsburgh or Chicago. How fast will it go? How fast will it go? We might never know. What will follow? What will follow and overthrow? Verse 4: We should take the plane somewhere far away to see how far it will go. Indianapolis International Airport all the way to China or Tokyo. How far can we go? How far can we go? We might never know. Have we plateaued? Have we plateaued, or will we grow?
IEPZ 03:31
"IEPZ" Verse 1: There are five goals that we'd like to meet over the next ten years. We need partners from our community like LISC, NEAR, and IUPUI. Verse 2: We want to keep our diversity; not driven out by the man. We must provide affordable housing for this neighborhood to revitalize. Verse 3: We have business opportunities waiting on the near Eastside. With better jobs there is better money; we're tired of barely scraping by. Verse 4: We'll take that money and go out to eat or go shopping at the mall. We've never had this kind of luxury out here on the Near Eastside. Verse 5: There is plenty of crime activity that plagues our neighborhoods. All we want is our child's safety; not worryin' if they're gonna die. Verse 6: Education and high quality are not words we usually pair, but we would love that kind of possibility. A greater future would be in sight.
FTN SQR 03:55
"FTN SQR" Verse 1: We may be small but a close community where love can conquer all diversity. Verse 2: It's pretty clear that we're not all the same. Some of us were born here and others just came. Verse 3: We all have dreams; take a leap to the unknown. It's harder than it seems all alone, Verse 4: so we need each other to be the best that we can be. We may not be brothers, but we're family. Verse 5: When we disagree and don't see eye-to-eye, it would be so easy to say goodbye, Verse 6: but families forgive; they fight to cure pain. They continue to live among the strain.
State Affair 02:59
"State Affair" Verse 1: Hoosiers from everywhere are flocking to the fair. Some go to see; some go to show. A year's work on display. A sense of pride today as they hunt for the purple bow. Chorus: At the State Fair; at the Indiana State Fair. At the State Fair; at the Indiana State Fair. Verse 2: You like the Ferris wheel. She wants a hearty meal. He wants to see the ladies sew. No matter what's your taste; everything is embraced. Don't be a stranger, say hello. Chorus Verse 3: Everyone loves the fair. It's like the humid air was hit hard by a couple blows, cause thousands wait to see a sculpture made of cheese without hearing a single woe. Chorus Verse 4: If you have never been, then you are deep in sin. Before you die, you better go. You don't have to stay long. Come on and join the throng even for a cameo. Chorus x2
Mausoleum 03:20
"Mausoleum" Verse 1: Surrounding every side are heroes standing by. One more reaches high; "For Country" is his cry. Verse 2: Materials in the Shrine; collected from all allied nations of WWI. On the walls, our men inscribed. Verse 3: This hallowed land occupied by a place to memorialize all who have fought or died. They have all made a great sacrifice.


This is the product of a 10-week music residency at the Harrison Center for the Arts. Each song is about urban Indianapolis (a person, event, neighborhood, build, or monument). I wrote and recorded one song per week. The tracklist corresponds with the week in which I wrote each song.

Twitter & Instagram: raywyatt_

(c) 2016 Ray Wyatt
(p) 2016 monikermusic, ASCAP


released April 15, 2016


all rights reserved



Ray Wyatt Indianapolis, Indiana

Ray Wyatt is a singer-songwriter from a small town in Indiana, but now he resides in the Fountain Square Neighborhood of Indianapolis, IN. He has a timeless style of writing where he crafts poetic lyrics on top of simple yet beautiful melodies sung by his smooth voice. There is also a depth to his music that can be uncommon these days. His range is quite impressive too. ... more

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